Made from 100% recycled material. Replaceable and rechargeable battery. A giant leap for circularity.

touch_appEntertainment control

Our force sensor and auto on/off features gives perfect control over entertainment.

auto_detect_voiceCrystal Clear Calls

The environmental noise cancelling makes your voice come through even with crowded surroundings.

graphic_eqSound Perfection

Outstanding sound from the Arfve Pods 11mm dynamic driver tuned to perfection.

water_dropIPX4 Rated

Well protected against water, sweat and dust.

flareBusy Light

Let people around you know when you are in a call or a meeting.

noise_awareActive Noise Cancelling

Control the sound around you through our three modes; on, transparent and off.

Unleash the Power of Perfect Sound!

Meet Terris Wei, our esteemed audio engineer with a passion for perfecting sound. Armed with a master's degree in acoustics & the Academy of Sciences, Terris is a true expert in his field. His journey in acoustics began with a fascination for the intricacies of sound, leading him to specialize in acoustics and active noise reduction.

Terris's expertise shines through in his impressive portfolio, where he has developed multiple active noise reduction earphones for renowned brands. From Huawei's Freelace Pro to JBL's Live and Club series, Anker's premium offerings, and collaborations with JVC, Pioneer, and Philips, Terris has left his mark on the industry with his dedication to delivering unparalleled sound experiences.

With Terris Wei at the helm of our audio engineering team, you can trust that our products are meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional sound quality and performance. Join us on a journey of audio excellence, where innovation meets expertise, all thanks to Terris's unwavering commitment to perfecting the art of sound